Grander Water System - ₤ 0.00
All Grander Water Products work on the basis of a pure natural energy, that means no electricity, no chemical additives and no upkeep. They have an indefinite life span and keep on working year after year without maintenance.

Grander Penergizer - ₤ 95.00
The Penergizer is designed to revitalise one glass or cup of beverage at a time. We have noticed, however, that even quantities up to one litre of liquid can also be revitalised in minutes.

Grander Revitalising Board - ₤ 95.00
The Revitalising Board is designed to condition liquids, foods, creams, cosmetics and plants and of course water.

Grander Pendant - ₤ 25.00
The Pendant is filled with pure, precious Grander Information Water.

Grander Blue Water (1 litre) - ₤ 15.00
Thousands of people around the world have discovered the special properties of Grander Blue Water. The water is soft and silky to drink, this reflects the natural energy which the water contains and can impart to the body.

Whole House Water Filtration System - ₤ 290.00
Our Whole House filter system uses Fibredyne technology to achieve the best in chlorine reduction, with the additional advantage of sediment reduction. NSF/ANSI 42 tested and certified, our filter is manufactured entirely from FDA (Food and Drug Administration) compliant materials, ideal for residential /commercial use.

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