Male Hormone Balance - ₤ 45.00
A blend of herbs for optimisation of masculine sexual potency, muscle growth, prostate protection and anti ageing.

Female Hormone Balance - ₤ 45.00
A blend of herbs for optimising and balancing female reproductive function, hormone balance, weight, menstruation cycle and optimisation of female essence.

Fibroid Blend - ₤ 90.00
Herbs specific for treatment and shrinkage of uterine fibroids.

Lions Mane - ₤ 30.00
The Lion's Mane mushroom has long been treasured both as a culinary delicacy and as an important medicinal mushroom.

5 Mushroom Formula - ₤ 30.00
5 Mushroom Formula is the most powerful "all mushroom" immune formula on the market, blending five premium quality extracts.

Hot Flush Formula - ₤ 25.00
For rapid relief of hot flushes and other pre and post menopausal symptoms

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