Wonderful Testimonies of healing breakthroughs on the HealthRestore programme

Here is a small selection of testimonials showing how the 3 month HealthRestore programme has helped people achieve outstanding health breakthroughs:

"I am short-sighted but refuse to wear glasses for distance unless I am: a) driving or b) don't know where I am going and need to be able to read signs from afar. After doing my first liver flush, I immediately noticed that I could read things from a distance that I could not normally read, eg: the titles of books on my shelves whilst lying in bed; the words on my computer monitor (when projected onto my TV) whilst sitting on the sofa, the stations of a tube line whilst sitting down on a tube. If my eyesight has improved any more, I am not aware. However, the improvement after the first liver flush was remarkable."

Many thanks


"Hey Guys,

I was fortunate to discover Health Restore in June 2010. I have just been released from being sectioned and spending a month in a mental institution. I had experienced a manic depressive episode that included a complete blackout. The NHS remedy was to pump with drugs, lock me away and effectively send my brain to sleep. I walked into Health Restore a broken zombie. In fact I walked into the presentation crouching over hardly able to walk as I have been constipated for days after eating cheese on toast with baked beans. I looked three months pregnant from a bloated stomach. I had spent ten years under a homeopath and through various methods I had lost four stone in weight. So from a shallow perspective I looked atheistically attractive. However having been sectioned and provided with no real answers other than being mad something was wrong and I was searching for the answers.

The scan revealed that my body was malnutrition and full of acid. Organs completely over working, nerves past exhaustion, body depleted of minerals, lymphatic system blocked, brain chemically imbalanced and I have three food sensitivities that if they converged would cause extreme mania. This is similar to the behaviour of ADHD that is diagnosed in children; in fact it is simply the adult version. I took the scan home did some research and cried as it was the first time I had been honest about how unwell I felt. It was like having diabetes in an opposite form, the wrong foods would send me into hyperactively then exhaustion and the body really could not cope anymore and hence my brain had started to deteriorate after a major malfunction. I embarked upon strictest regime with no choice but to mono eat to give my body a break from processing food it was unable to breakdown, even some fruit and vegetables were excluded. At first it seemed like a dark road, but then there was the course, the support of others in the same pain with the motivation to gain good health.

I did get well in a dramatically rapid period of time. Within two weeks I had completed the first stage and felt great, so great I got a new job. My health re-established my confidence. My IBS, headaches, mood swings, disappeared. I still suffered the vomiting after eating and it amazed me for months how I could not break the cycle of eating foods that made me vomit. For years I thought I was bulimic but that was not the case, my anorexia was just fear of eating and being ill. I am so glad Health Restore help me find out the truth about my body.

It did take months to stop eating foods that put me straight to bed or felt like lead poison within my body. It was a continual challenge and Health Restore effectively held my hand with not only the nutritional supplements but with the knowledge to choose for myself the right things for my body. That has become my power. In a year, I restored my health, regained employed, regained custody of my children, performed poetry, met a good partner, made fabulous friends (before I was a recluse), the list continues as good health brings everything we need…

I did get sick again, as I felt so good I forgot and started to eating poison (bad food) again, I made the mistake of drinking poison too (alcohol). After another month in hospital I learnt a valuable lesson and decide to do the course again. This scan identify I had kicked my food sensitivities, but was effectively allergic to wine (aren’t we all). I am so inspired for my good health and rapid healing I have decided to study to be a nutritional doctor. Thank you Health Restore for changing my life completely."

Miss Senior


"My constant mantra has been 'I only came for a scan' proved much more than I bargained for. The health information was second to none together with the email support. When I started the program, I just didn't think it was possible to indulge in raw food which just goes to show how deep our conditioning has been from year dot. After listening to the scientific facts about raw food together with the functioning of the human body and what we put our dear bodies through day in and day out, this spurred me on to try a little at first which wasn't as horrendous as I would have imagined. The cleansing effects began to be noticeable for myself not only comments from work colleagues and family members but I noticed that fears I had were subsiding, I was able to challenge myself e.g. you would never find me driving to places I have never been before, it just filled me with fright. I began feeling like the true person I am supposed to be. I would thoroughly recommend everyone doing this program and give ourselves a good clean out which serves us physically, mentally and spiritually for the rest of our lives."

A. Jennings (Mrs)




My reasons for starting the Health Restore program were to resolve the issues I was experiencing with my periods (occurring twice monthly). Each week I consistently followed the regime taking all the tincture remedies, flushes, restrict/omit a wide variety of drinks and foods from my daily diet amongst exercising, sauna, massage and beauty treatments. All of which helped to in general improve my overall health and well being. I achieved success in lowering my cholesterol and blood pressure. I achieved success in reducing my weight however this would have occurred because of the limited amount of food I have been consuming as I tended to fast eating 1 meal a day and drinking juice at other times throughout the day. I assume anyone with this type of eating habit would loose weight, however because of the juice I look healthy and not gaunt, although friends are slightly concerned that I am loosing too much weight. I did achieve success in feeling rejuvenated based on the amount of gunk leaving my system. I achieved a greater understanding and knowledge of how healthy I should live in terms of what I eat, why I eat something, looking after myself internally and externally. To the stage where I am turned off by certain food types. I do have more vitality and energy focusing more on myself and relationships than work and have even decided to live and work in another country in the near future.

There have been subtle changes with my periods such as reduce nausea, joint muscle ache and mood swings. Since engaging in the Health Restore program I have had 4 periods, the 1st I discounted as it started on the day of the Bowel Blaster however the time frame between the 1st and 2nd was 20 days. The timeframe between the 2nd and 3rd period was 20 days, the time frame between my 3rd and 4th period is 16 days. So unfortunately the program did not full fill my primary goal which was to regulate my periods."



"I feel the health restore programme has given me the knowledge i have been searching for for the past 20 odd years I knew there was a secret to getting rid of cellulite and i have found it. The knowledge I have gained means that I can now cycle where ever I want, even up steep hills with no pain when the rheumatologist was telling me "You will be back in 10 years for a knee replacement". My osteopath was telling me "Whatever you do, stop cycling." I feel 15 years younger than my peers. My vital life force has gone through the roof and there are a host of other improvements and I have only done the basic course. Can you imagine how awsome it would be to do the advanced course. I'll be walking on water. This course was well worth every penny because I now know that I do not have to get old like everybody else. Its funny but some people came on the course with a half hearted approach because they didn't fully believe in it and consequently only made a half baked effort and did the bare minimum so therefore didnt get the results they needed and went away thinking the course did not work. What ever you believe you are always right."

Janice .A


"The path that led me to healthrestore was one that i chose not to question. I knew that i needed something to help my body along because after most meals my stomach either bloated or i just felt awful. A friend of a friend gave me the number of someone that recommended that i try healthrestore. I had fibroids that were diagnosis 18 months before i went to healthrestore and i felt that they were getting bigger and my GP was now suggesting surgery to have them removed but i was not prepared to handover my health to the NHS.

After my first conversation with Derin and knew that i had to do the programme as i was pleased with the idea of having a weekly lecture which would help me to change eating habits that had been developed over the years. I also had keloid that had developed on my chest (not developed around scar tissue), my GP could not tell me why this had developed and the only treatment offered was steroid injections which were painful and itchy.

After the first week of being on the healthrestore programme the keloids had reduced itching by about 50% and my stomach stopped bloating after every meal. This confirmed to me that i had definitely made a good investment in my health. After 6 weeks i lost 1 stone in weight which was not something i had anticipated but this was nice and everyone was commenting on how well i looked. After doing the programme i had the fibroids measured and the largest one which was 9cm had now reduced in size to 6cm. Now i had the quantitative evidence i was doubly convinced that i was on the right road.
Qualitatively, i felt energised and that i was on a journey that was bigger than rejuvenating aspects of my health, i was also getting aspects of my personality back. I found that truly breathtaking and began to journal daily to keep up with the spiritual changes that were taking place inside of me but was also reflected in 'strange occurrences’'. For example, unprovoked by myself i had an ex-boyfriend contact me and explain something that was at the back of my mind. This helped to 'heal' aspects of my life i had accepted i wouldn't get answers to. Fasting gave me inner strength and i felt focussed on concentrating on my life in a different way, my mind felt able to unravel things that i didn't have the energy to deal with. Its this new energy that i love! Don' t underestimate where this journey will take you .......I had no idea that when i started it would lead to me making the decision to leave my job in the NHS and to work towards working independently. Maybe I’ve gained courage as well to take steps that i was too conflicted to take 6 months ago. These are things which money can't buy and i think healthrestore will bring up things in your life that your not expecting but i feel it has changed me for the better."



"Hi Derin

Here is my testimony

Since I started the HealthRestore programme I have noticed that I am more energetic, very vibrant, feel fantastic and look fantastic ha-ha.

Before I started the HealthRestore programme, I often took for granted, natural food which God intended us to eat. I had no idea what colossal impact the HealthRestore programme would have on my life, just by making simple life style changes.

I went from crisps to beetroot juice and I love it!

I noticed that symptoms started to reduce after the first week of the programme, after I had taken my bowel cleanse. I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of my skin and amount of compliments I received was very flattering. Also, the great amount of weight that I lost, now makes me feel very comfortable and happy in my body.

All of the knowledge of natural foods that I have gained from the HealthRestore programme, I have shared with my family and they now juice as well!"



"Dear Derin,

First of all a big thank you to my niece for thinking of her auntie. Without her I would have never learnt about Healthrestore.

I am glad that there is someone as special as you Derin in the community to help guide us in the right direction to better our health. For many years I have been wanting to address my health but had no idea where to look.

Doing your programme has enhanced my life to such a level that I am blessed to have had the opportunity to have met someone as special as you. The wisdom and education that you have passed on would always be with me. You have opened up my mind to such a level that I just want to know learn more and get involved. This knowledge that will never leave me and most importantly I can help my family and friends to over come almost any health issues. Personally, I had tummy problem for many years and went through the usual x-ray, blood test and even an operation and still they could not solve my problem. After doing your programme, within three weeks my tummy problem disappeared. I feel great, lost weight that I thought I would never be able to get rid off, have lots of energy and much more confident in myself. I was so in tuned with your programme that I too am now thinking of spreading the good words to thousand of people who has health challenges, which can easily be solved.

Thank you for all your support and guidance."


Elaine Gant

"Well what can I say!

I have enjoyed doing the programme, although it has not been entirely easy.

I think the hardest thing has been trying to consistently take the herbs/flushes at regular intervals during a busy working day, i.e. leaving an hour or half hour here or there between products so that they have the maximum effect.

Success to some degree, my Fibroids have gone down but not disappeared entirely.

I think I have finally conquered the meat/fish thing after the discussion on parasites (It put me right off) so that’s a plus.

My bowel movement is much better than it was before.

My body feels light and I have more energy than before; but, I am still working on it. Because it is not enough and I feel that I have not quite conquered the energy thing but that may be due to my Anemia.

I am trying many new types of food that I had not considered using before, which is great because I get really excited about it.

Sleep pattern is still somewhat dodgy though."



 "John the Apostle, in 3rd John v.2 wish that above all things, we may prosper and be in good health.

I am certainly prospering and leaning toward good health. Since I started the HealthRestore course 4 weeks on (Tuesday 31 May) my health has been improving every day.

1. When I woke up in the nights or in the mornings, there used to be a pain in the lower part of my back and a heaviness that weighted me down so much that it took me sometime to get my balance when I got out of bed. This went immediately after my bowel cleanse.

2. Also my knee joints are now more supple and I can run up and down the stairs and move around more briskly without any discomfort. I had a sprained ankle for about some 15 or more years which I had a few x-rays on. This was often swollen (from toes to ankle): this has disappeared. I can walk and shop for hours without getting tired or my feet burning me as they usually do in the past.

3. I used to get excruciating cramps in my legs, especially on the leg that had toe to ankle swelling, especially when I fasted: this does not bother me any more. I notice that my finger nails are getting stronger as well.

4. I took my first liver cleanse last night, when I woke up this morning I noticed I could see around the room more comfortable and even outside was bright and clear. I looked in the mirror and I could see my face clearer than usual without my glasses. I challenged myself to go to the bathroom and then to the kitchen without my glasses and it worked. I can now find my glasses without having to feel for them. There used to be great big black cloud-like floaters in both my eyes; when I woke up this morning, the thickness of of these has greatly reduced. Also a constant siatic-like pain in my left hip has gone. Also my breathing is deeper than usual.

5. The process of my greying hair might be slowing down, but I'm not a 100% sure about this.

Lolita, I cannot say how permanent these improvements are, but these are what I am experiencing at the moment.

I am praying that God will continue to bless Derin and his team and use them to help others."



"Hello Derin Bepo

How are you? I have now completed my Kidney cleanse and my course has
come to an end. In one month I have;

1. lost 7lbs in weight
2. achieved regular bowel movements,
3. increased energy
4. younger looking skin
5. getting a lot more compliments! Lol
6. Completely changed my diet

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and commend you on an
educational and life changing course that you are offering and I
definitely have incorporated raw food and your teachings into my life.
I would also like to commend you on your staff members , they are
lovely young ladies and it was a pleasure being greeting with a
friendly smile every Wednesday evening."
Many thanks,


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