HealthRestore Weight Loss Programme

Have you struggled to keep your weight down?  Do you have a bit of stubborn weight that refuses to shift or you need to shed some major weight? Have you tried several diets without success?  Do you have a vision of yourself with a different size and shape?  Do you just want to know how to lose weight and learn how to maintain an ideal weight?  It is possible! 

The new HealthRestore Weight Loss Secrets programme is a special approach to weight management.  You will learn the secrets of weight loss. 

A six week course designed to help you lose weight, self-manage your sugar levels, control cravings and maintain your weight.

Over the last ten + Years the HealthRestore Programme has helped countless men and women achieve ideal weight.

Now for the 1st time HealthRestore Weight Loss Secrets intensive programme is available in a course format.

The course will teach you:

  • Key principles of managing your weight
  • Different types of foods and their impact
  • How deficiencies of different minerals affect weight and health.
  • How to maintain a disciplined and mental focus
  • How to achieve and keep your target weight
  • How to monitor and test the key elements that lead to fat gain
  • The different types of fat
  • The 3 main organs you need to keep in excellent working order to maintain ideal size and shape
  • Strategies for major and rapid weight loss
  • How meal timing affects not only weight but health
  • Lifelong Management of weight 
  • Sleep and weight -Deep insights
  • The ten diet and lifestyle mistakes that lead to weight gain.
  • Plus much more over the six week course!

This course is for a very limited number of people who have a strong commitment and are ready to take some serious action to achieve very significant weight loss. 

This course is not for you if you are not ready to leave the comfort zone!

BUT if you would like to achieve significant weight loss over the six week period of the course and beyond, do book your place now and secure your pre-course diagnostic scan and consultation. This will give you your personalised weight loss profile and specific action steps.

Excellence will be rewarded! The programme has a full money back guarantee if you have not had a significant change in size, shape or body fat, your course fee will be refunded in full.

Call 0207 733 7077 or email info@healthrestore.net

Cost:  £300  to include:

  • Diagnostic scan
  • Personalised nutrient formulation
  • Lectures
  • HealthRestore Products
  • Biomarker Testing tools

* Current HealthRestore Clients can access the course for a fee of £100

Past HealthRestore Clients are entitled to a discounted rate of £250

* This is restricted to clients who are on a 3 month individual healthrestore programme